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Dozcon Consulting Group was founded in 2017 and we’re headquartered in the Charlotte North Carolina region. but, we’re nationwide. We’ve worked with a number of clients from coast to coast and have filled positions, from Truck Drivers to Software Engineers. Every person on your team is critical to the success of your business. You keep bringing the jams and we’ll keep you flush with fresh talent.

Sometimes you don’t need RPO – you just need help on a single search. That’s where our Staffing & Recruiting practice comes in. Our recruiters are the best in the country and we’re hungry for action. Give us your most challenging need and we’ll fill it.

Our sourcing combined with our deep industry experience makes us the best hunters in the country.

Finding The Right Talent Is Challenging but Possible

In an industry where quick access to the right talent is a competitive advantage, Dozcon Consulting Group specializes in an enhanced multi-channel approach to connect talent to organizations better and faster than ever. With our experience, we match organizations to the best talent with the most in-demand skills.

Our Services

We help organizations develop and maintain agility in their workforces, enabling them to respond to changing business demands and market fluctuations, and keep pace as the future of work evolves.

Flexible Staffing

Whether you need a single experienced electrician for a short-term installation or 50 representatives for your new call center, the Dozcon Consulting Group can provide the talent you need. Our workforce solutions give you increased flexibility to endure seasonal highs and lows or deliver on a critical plan.

Direct Hire

We take great pride in having built a strong community network of great workers. Our recruitment process has been perfected over years of experience, so we know how to match the right person to fill your needs—and we can hire them directly into your team

The Dozcon Consulting Group is a recruitment and Roofing firm for growth companies. We’re an industry leader in contingent staffing and permanent recruitment as well in Residential and Commercial Roofing services.

Our Roofing Services

As a full-service roofing contractor, Dozcon Group’s approach to Residential and Commercial roofing is straightforward: offer best-in-class roofing solutions reasonably priced, on time, and that exceeds your expectations.

Value and safety are the foundations of our business. Dozcon Group offers unmatched quality, service experience, and value. From initial inspection to last installation, Dozcon Group’s worksites are managed with the highest and onsite professionalism, thoroughness, and precise observance to safety regulations.

  • We offer a variety of residential shingle roof options
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Subcontractors’ opportunities with Dozcon Group

Go to our Roofing Services page for more details.

Talent Resourcing and Workforce Management

Through our expertise in talent resourcing and workforce management, we provide rapid access to a highly qualified and productive pool of candidates. In this constantly shifting world, our flexible workforce solutions provide companies with the business agility needed to succeed.

Your company is good at what you do – and you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be growing while your competitors are looking for cheap office space in the “warehouse district” – or whatever they named it to make people forget the neighborhood crime rate.

But you also know you can’t hire good people fast enough to keep up with your growth. That’s why you’re here. Dozcon Consulting Group is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast, and we want to play for your team.